ATM Houston provides ATM machines for Hotels, gas stations, C-Stores, Nightclubs, Bars, Malls and more.


Below is just a small sample of the businesses we serve.  While we specialize in the hospitality industry, our portfolio is very diverse and includes but is not limited to restaurants, bars, c-stores, gas stations, tattoo shops, nail salons, office buildings, pizza shops, bingo halls, flea markets, private aviation facilities, nail salons, specialty shops, beach and lake facilities.

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Gas Stations
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If you are thinking about placing an ATM in your place of business we can help. ATM Houston can offer several permanent placement options for businesses. When you choose our Hands Off permanent placement option you can get a turnkey solution that is fast, easy, and reliable. Of course, every option is reliable but other than Hands Off you will have to do some of the work.

Option #1: Hands Off

ATM Houston installs and maintains its own ATM at your place of business. Under this option, you incur no costs associated with the ATM, and ATM Houston pays you a portion of the surcharged transaction per withdrawal depending on the monthly volume and surcharge. For high volume locations or hotels with 250 or more rooms we split the surcharge with you. Just provide an electrical outlet for the ATM.  We provide our own communication. No delivery or installation charges! We handle everything at no cost to you.

Option #2: 50/50 Split

ATM Houston installs and programs its own ATM at our own cost. You fill the ATM with your funds and provide internet access. We supply necessary receipt paper and maintenance. Using this option, ATM Houston pays you half the surcharge amount per cash transaction* usually within the first 20 days of the month following. You will have to pass a credit check, sponsor bank approval and Homeland Security check. You do not even need to provide is the internet connection as we have wireless routers. No delivery or installation charges! We handle everything at no cost to you.

Option #3: Full Purchase

You purchase an ATM from ATM Houston with prices from $2,445.00 and up. We will install and program the ATM included in the cost. You will need to supply internet access or purchase a router and data plan. Your business should open a separate bank account just for this in order to keep the ATM funds and surcharges separate from your general operating account. We will provide processing services for you for all cash dispensing transactions, balance inquiries and transfers. You will also receive a two year parts warranty and 90 days labor except for neglect, misuse or spillage.

Option #4: Customize

None of the above are exactly what you want? You tell us what you want and we will do our best to meet your ATM needs.

Option #5: Processing Only

We will set up your processing and give you online reporting for free


We stock many common wear items for Genmega, Hantle and Hyosung. You can save allot of money buying used tested and/or refurbished parts such as printers, power supplies, pin pads, function boards and many other parts. All used and refurbished parts carry the same 90 day warranty as new parts. All are tested and in near new condition.



ATM Houston is offerring a free reprogram to all merchants and independent IAD's to move your ATM's over to ATM Houston ISO.  For IAD's with a significant portfolio, we will give you 100% of the interchange with a great buy rate for ATM processing.  ATM Houston has been in the ATM business for over 16 years.  This business was started with just one ATM so we know how to build and grow a portfolio and can help you do the same.  The philosophy of ATM Houston is simple:  Provide the best service at at a fair price!  We support all Genmega, Hyosung, Hantle ATM's.  We do not support Puloon ATM's.  Triton parts are too expensive and we still can't figure out how Puloon is still selling ATM's in 2023 in the USA.

Don't forget to look at for all of your parts, supplies and accessories needs.