This Maple indoor enclosure with Maple hardwood edgebanding instead of the typical "iron on" edge banding is designed and finished to look like furniture you would see at the high end stores.  Pictured is stained with Walnut, one coat of sanding sealer and two coats of laquer.  Inside the front bottom is reinforced with L brackets to ensure many years of service.  Pictured is the new Genmega G2500 with E-Lock and 1,000 note removable cassette. Unfinished Enclosure $495.00, Painted $595.00 and StainedEnclosure $695.00.  Shipping $250.00.


Custom laminate enclosure with Hyosung 2700 ATM.  The front folds down to floor to access the vault.  Prices start at $1,595.00 and up depending on what you would actually want.


 Painted endlosure to match wall covering.  Pictured is a Genmega G2500.  Unpaited for $495.00, painted for $595.00